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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits | blu eCigs

blu Electronic Cigarette Kits

  • Choose between the blu™, blu Original, blu Premium, or blu Premium100 electronic cigarette rechargeable kits.
  • Each Rechargeable Kit includes multiple charging options and 2 rechargeable e-cig batteries.
  • Kits charge electronic cigarette batteries on-the-go.
  • blu Premium and blu Premium100 kits use Smart Pack technology, alerting you when blu retailers and other blu™ electronic cigarette users are nearby!
  • Kits include 5 flavor cartridges (equal to approximately 1250 puffs!).
  • Now, you CAN smoke virtually anywhere!


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Electronic Cigarette Flavors | blu eCigs

E-Cigarette Flavor Cartridges

  • No tobacco smoke, no ash, no smell!
  • Replicates a traditional cigarette with great vapor production and consistency.
  • Various nicotine levels to suit all smokers.
  • A single vapor cigarette cartridge lasts for approximately 250 puffs.
  • All flavors made in the USA, with domestic and imported ingredients, exclusively for blu by Johnson Creek.
  • blu electronic cigarette cartridges have a 1-piece design and are easy to use.
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Why blu is the Best–Selling Electronic Cigarette:

1. Nationwide Retail Locations

  • blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes are sold in tens of thousands of stores nationwide…so buy blu whenever you like without the wait!
  • Use our store locator to find blu e-cigs near you.

2. Easy-to-Use Rechargeable Pack

  • Patented electronic cigarette Smart Pack: allows you to charge your battery on-the-go.
  • Durable and stylish, the pack functions as both an e-cig carrying case and an e-cig battery charger.

3. Variety of Flavor Cartridges

  • Great vapor volume
  • 1 piece design for easy use
  • Approximately 250 puffs per cartridge

4. American Made Smoke Juice from Johnson Creek

  • Made in Wisconsin with domestic and imported ingredients
  • Ingredients include distilled water, nicotine (when applicable), Vegetable Glycerin or a combination of Propylene-Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, and Citric Acid.
  • Flavors tailor-made for blu cartridges

5. Benefits Over Traditional Cigarettes

  • No Ash, No Smell
  • E-cigs are also called vapor cigarettes. Why? They produce vapor, not smoke!
  • No tobacco smoke, only vapor
  • Smoke in many places where traditional cigarettes aren’t allowed!
  • Over 50% cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • More socially acceptable than cigarettes

6. Customer Satisfaction

  • We pride ourselves in giving customers more choices and more freedom
  • Free shipping on all products
  • Open 7 days a week, 7am-11pm Eastern

blu has over 100,000+ retailers nationwide!

Find where to buy blu electronic cigarettes with the blu eCigs store locator tool.

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Fans of blu

  • "This product is amazing. Hands down blu electronic cigarette is the best product in the eCig world."

    - Chris Turnbull
  • "Best on the market! no more stinky butts!"

    - Elizabeth Faye Morris
  • "Love the blu prem! I'm a pack a day smoker and this works so well for me!"

    - Malinda Willis
  • "Ok so initial review of the Premium100 Kit... So far this is turning out to be a wonderful product and well worth the price."

    - Dennis Howe
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