blu eCigs was founded in 2009 by noted entrepreneur and Australia native Jason Healy. Since then, blu has consistently led the charge to introduce e-cigarettes as a new class of smoking alternative to the U.S. market, and has done so in a pragmatic way—always keeping the customer experience as the central focus. Today the company holds a significant portion of retail market share and can be found in retail locations in addition to online.

blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes offer the experience of traditional cigarettes—without the tobacco smoke, ash or smell. Because they mimic the physical act of smoking, blu™ electronic cigarettes offer the first realistic alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes, creating a vapor “puff” that evaporates within seconds. Our lifestyle-driven design and innovative technology enhance the experience for e-cigarette consumers, and have been featured at high-profile awards shows, motorsports events, major music festivals and more. We are the e-cig of choice for many A-list actors, musicians and other celebrities around the world. blu eCigs products come in convenient disposables or rechargeable kits for regular use, with or without nicotine, and in a variety of flavors.

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