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blu eCigs® Electronic Cigarettes: A Bright Choice!

This cool animation is a subtle, music-infused commentary on the power of electronic cigarettes. It illuminates today’s reality: e-cigarettes are an alternative to cigarettes.

blu eCigs is the industry leader in producing top-quality e-cigs that taste great, fit your lifestyle and give you back the freedom you deserve.

Vapor cigarettes work by heating liquid instead of burning paper and tobacco. The liquid, which is stored in little flavor cartridges, is converted to vapor using battery power, so vapor comes out instead of smoke. Just screw the flavor cartridge into the battery, and you’re ready to take a slow, deep drag—without the ash or odor. There are several different flavors to try, so find one that works for you!

Watch the video, then join blu Nation™ in embracing bright ideas and taking back your freedom.

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