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blu eCigs: Chase It

Actor Stephen Dorff travels the globe and talks about smoking in the modern world.

Award-winning actor Stephen Dorff and his signature scruff star in this short video that takes you deep into the collective mindset of today’s smokers. Venture with Stephen from New York City to Machu Picchu as he waxes poetic about smoking in the modern age.

Along the way, you may realize that while the world has changed, more possibilities have been opened than have been closed. The desire to explore, to wander, to walk right to the edge, to transcend limitations, to be free—these aspirations still exist and always will. Lucky for all of us, new ways to embrace these desires are all around us. You can still go after your dreams and live the lifestyle you want while being true to yourself. All it takes is being open to something new.

Watch the video and join blu Nation in exploring new places and ideas, seeking out life’s best and taking back your freedom.

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