blu eCigs shares great pop-culture moments of freedom in the USA. Ford Mustang released in 1964, repeal of Prohibition, Bob Dylan goes electric, and more


Great Moments in Freedom

Learn about innovative new technology like the Beam telepresence that brings new meaning to “working remotely.


Innovation Profile: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto






Take Back Your Freedom!

World Cup football


The World Cup, “Jungle” and blu

Across the U.S. diners are seeking out spicy food challenges. See our list of the best ones to try here.


The Heat Is On

Does your dad have any funny quotes or sayings? In honor of Father’s Day blu staffers share what they’ve learned from their old man.

Behind blu

Ish My Dad Says: The blu Edition

Moviepass is an alternative option to the traditional movie-going experience. Like Netflix for the theater, pay a flat fee and go to unlimited movies at theaters near you.


Good News for Film Freaks