The blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit

Innovative design … just for you.

  • Simplicity + Technology = More Satisfaction


    Introducing the Next Step in Vaping Tech

    Our blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit takes something great and makes it even better. We kept everything you’ve come to expect from blu eCigs® products—but we’ve made improvements in battery life, charging speed, vapor production and flavor delivery.

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    What Makes the plus Better

    blu PLUS explained

    Improved Tip

    6-hole tip gives a better throat hit, with a cigarette-like draw.

    blu Tank™ System

    New pre-filled blu Tank construction is simple to use, more consistent, holds more juice and produces more vapor.

    Larger Battery

    Bigger battery lasts 2x longer and charges 2x as fast.

    blu PLUS explained

    Quick Charging

    Longer-lasting battery also charges faster inside the USB-chargeable pack.

    Satisfaction on the Go

    Every blu PLUS+™ pack holds 2 rechargeable batteries and 3 flavor tanks, and has multiple charging options ... plus a one-year warranty.

    Innovation is a plus

    Vapor Production

    • Improved construction creates more vapor
    • Tastes more like a tobacco cigarette
    • Satisfying draw

    Flavor Delivery

    • Longer lasting with more e-juice
    • Improved flavor formulation
    • Flavor tanks available in Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Piña Colada and Peach Schnapps

    Battery Life

    • Bigger battery with better performance
    • Lasts 2x longer than blu Rechargeable Kit
    • Enhanced tip lets you see the blue light more easily when you vape


    • Rapid-recharge: Pack charges batteries in only 30 minutes
    • Easy-to-use charging options
    • Pack doubles as a charger and a case for the e-cig and batteries

    blu PLUS+ Kits are available at retailers nationwide!

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