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blu founder Jason Healy talks about FDA regulations and their effect on the e-cig industry.

Q:blucigs.com: Does blu support FDA regulations?

Healy: Definitely. I think the regulations are incredibly important. From the consumer’s perspective—I think it’s important that the consumers know what’s in the product and the impact on them from a health perspective, and regulations written in the right way will do that.

Q:You touched on it a little bit, but what do you think the impact of regulations will be on consumers?

Well, overall positive. Again, if they’re draconian laws, then they will most likely force people back to solely using tobacco cigarettes. I don’t think the FDA will do that.

Q:What specific regulations do you anticipate from the FDA?

I think they will definitely include GMP—good manufacturing practices—and also have a heavy skew on the ingredients, listing the ingredients and also having an understanding as a manufacturer of what those ingredients mean when the consumer inhales them. So, I expect them to be heavy in that area in terms of ensuring the public’s protected.

Q:What role do you feel pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists are playing in this debate?

I think, interestingly enough, the pharmaceuticals have played a very large role, in particular anti–e-cig regulations. I think they’ve been behind closed doors, but I think it’s shown that as well as the tobacco industry, the NRT (or nicotine replacement industry), has been hit by the success of e-cigs. So I think with them seeing some profits, or potential further profit reductions from those products, they’ve stepped in and tried to make it difficult for e-cigs to be as widespread as they are becoming.