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Electronic Cigarettes vs. Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are trendy right now, but they’re not just a passing fad. Here's how things stack up.

By switching to e-cigs, you can still get the satisfaction of a traditional cigarette—but you avoid the tar, odor and ash that come with it. Are you the type who needs to see hard evidence before you make a change? We feel you on that. It’s a big transition. We can help you make an educated decision with a few facts.

Comparing the Costs of Electronic Cigarettes with Traditional Cigarettes

If you’ve ever balanced your budget, you know traditional cigarettes can be expensive. And you probably could use an extra $150 a month to spiff up your wardrobe, wow your date, tip your way past that velvet rope or maybe save up for a weekend getaway. That’s how much you could save by swapping traditional cigarettes for e-cigs. How did we come up with this figure? At $5 per pack, a pack-a-day smoker will pocket close to $1,800 dollars a year by switching to electronic cigarettes. (In many locations, this cost could easily double.)

Go Green with an Electronic Cigarette

You may not drive an electric car or live off the grid, but we can all care about the Earth. Plain and simple, traditional cigarettes increase a person’s carbon footprint. More than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are tossed each year (yes, that’s trillion with a “t”), and more than 600 million trees are destroyed, all in the name of tobacco production. In short, this takes a heavy toll on the environment.

But the typical electronic cigarette can be recycled at just about any of your local recycling facilities—meaning that it’s a true green alternative.

Advance Your Career Simply by Switching to an E-Cig

Here’s an advantage you probably didn’t think of: Your career might benefit from making the switch to e-cigs, too. Studies suggest that on average, smokers earn less than people who don’t smoke, and some 6,000 U.S.-based companies refuse to hire people who smoke. Statistics show that the average smoker spends more than an hour smoking each workday, meaning a loss of 20 work hours per month. No wonder smoking can affect your job.

The alternative, of course, is an electronic cigarette. By producing no smoke or odor—just vapor—e-cigarettes let you vape just about anywhere. So making the switch may help you climb that corporate ladder and become the captain of industry your mom always knew you could be.

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