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The all-American sense of liberty … in pics

A picture says a thousand words. And in the case of these shots from a few awesome photographers we found, those words would be “freedom,” “freedom” and “freedom” (plus 997 more “freedoms”). These images, from the quiet and meditative to the action-packed and dynamic, bring something to the table that typifies the all-American spirit of liberty.

Do you have pictures you’ve taken that speak to your sense of freedom? Where do you find your freedom, and what does it mean to you? Please share your photos with us, and you might see your image featured here in a followup entitled “Defining Freedom Through YOUR Lens.” Use #bluFreedom and tag us @blucigs on Twitter and Instagram, or you can post your images on our Facebook page.

Photography by Patrick Cavan Brown (patrickcavanbrown.com), Geoff Wood (geoffwoodphotography.com), Joshua Aurelius Galloway (aurelius.4ormat.com)