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With no assembly or recharging required, blu eCigs’ disposables are ideal for first-time e-cig users. Busy professionals and frequent travelers also appreciate the zero-fuss convenience of these compact, ready-to-use e-cigs.

Anatomy of a rechargeable blu eCigs® electronic cigarette

eCigs Dissected

bluTM electronic cigarettes are the same size as traditional cigarettes, but they're rechargeable, economical and green. Their signature feature is the blue LED tip, which lights up with each puff (and flashes rapidly to signal when it's time to recharge). Here's a quick list of the other parts and pieces:

  • Smoke juice made in the U.S.A with domestic and imported ingredients
  • Built-in atomizer that heats up the smoke juice
  • Silicone tip provides deep, satisfying resistance
  • A Rechargeable battery (the blue light is the battery tip)

The simple science behind e-cigs

home-why-bluE-cigs heat liquid instead of burning paper or tobacco. The liquid is converted to vapor, so there's no smoke. The blue tip lights up to show you've got a charge—and to let people know you're vaping. Here's what happens when you inhale:

  • Taking a draw activates the battery
  • The battery power heats the smoke juice
  • The smoke juice is converted into vapor
  • You exhale vapor

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Setting up your Rechargeable Kit

When you unbox your new kit, you should find one blu pack, two batteries, one car charger and USB cable, and a pack of blu Tanks™ or cartridges. Here's how to get set-up correctly:

  • Fully charge the batteries and blu pack before use
  • Attach a new blu Tank™ or flavor cartridge to the battery
  • Take a drag
  • Watch for the glowing blue light at the tip

blu offers a variety of packs—find the one for you.

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Get Charged Up

home-why-bluThe blue light on the side of your blu pack will blink about every two minutes to notify you it needs to be charged. Then follow these simple steps:

  • Depending on the type of pack you have, place the larger end of the cable into the appropriate charging device and the smaller one into the pack.
  • The blue light on the outside of the pack will turn on while charging.
  • The blue light will turn off once the pack is completely charged.

*Note: The Universal Car Charger is compatible with all blu packs, and is the only car charger compatible with the blu PLUS+ pack. It has a blue face plate instead of a black one. The Universal Car Charger can be purchased in our online store.

Using a pack to recharge the batteries

Once your pack is charged, take an unwrapped battery from the kit and place it in the pack in the slot marked "Charge." Make sure the blue LED on the battery is pointing upward, and the threaded end is down. The red light on the side of the pack will glow when the battery has been properly loaded and the lid has been closed. Once the battery is charged, the red light will shut off. Store the battery in the port until needed. Because of the pack's design, you can keep a battery in the "Charge" port, and also have a complete e-cig and some spare blu Tanks™ or flavor cartridges in there, too.

Replacing batteries, blu tanks, and cartridges

No guessing games here—it's easy to tell when the batteries, blu Tanks™ or cartridges need replacing.

  • The blue light at the tip of the battery will blink 30 times intermittently when it's time to recharge.
  • To replace the battery, just unscrew it from the blu Tank or cartridge and reattach a fresh one.
  • Place the empty battery in the pack, in the "Charge" slot, with the blue LED light pointing up.
  • Replace the blu Tank™ or cartridge when it no longer produces vapor.
  • To replace the tank or cartridge, hold the battery with one hand and unscrew it.
  • Screw on a new tank or cartridge and dispose of the empty one (it's landfill-safe).

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