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Can you picture 4.5 trillion of anything? That’s how many cigarette butts smokers toss worldwide every year. Not million, not billion … but trillion! Tobacco cigarettes create a lot of unnecessary waste, but now there’s a better way.


blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes create significantly less waste. Electronic cigarettes don’t use up trees that provide fuel for drying tobacco, and they don’t use paper to create the cigarette. They also don’t leave behind nasty butts—litter that’s not recyclable.

When you’re finished with the cartridge on a reusable e-cig, you can recycle it. Your local landfill will thank you.

Are there different cartridge flavors and strengths?

Yes! You don’t have to sacrifice choice when you switch to blu. There are different flavors—are you a Classic Tobacco guy, or does your palate prefer Peach Schnapps? Flavors come in varying nicotine strengths ranging from High to Non-Nicotine. The nicotine levels can be located on the back of blu product packaging.

How can I get the most out of my cartridge?

Everyone’s an individual, so the number of puffs you will get from each blu eCigs® electronic cigarette probably won’t be the same as your friend or the guy down the street. If you like to take long, deep drags that cloud up a car, you won’t get the same results as someone who takes small, light drags. We recommend taking slow draws to get the best vapor production.

Cartridges can be switched out before they’re done. If your taste buds get easily bored, you can even swap cartridges every few puffs to try all of the flavors. Or share flavors with your friends to discover your new fave. If you’ve opened your cartridge—the cap and sticker have been taken off—we don’t recommend leaving it that way for an extended period of time. The liquid could evaporate in a few weeks’ time.

For shorter-term storage, you can keep your open cartridges in the pack until they’re ready to be used. When stashing open cartridges in the pack, store them with the screws down. This ensures that the liquid settles near the correct place in the cartridge, which will give you a better vaping experience.

How do I know when my cartridge is done?

When a cartridge is empty, you’ll know it. It’ll have an off taste and not give off vapor anymore. Now is the time to dispose of the cartridge. You could throw it in the garbage, but why not recycle it instead? Take it to your local recycling facility and toss it in the bin with other metals.