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blu's founder, Jason Healy, is a man on a mission.

Q:blucigs.com: You returned to blu eCigs® in February of 2014. Why?

Jason Healy: Well, I’ve always felt like blu was my baby, so when I stepped away [in mid-2013] I definitely needed the break, and I really didn’t think I would come back. If I did, I figured it would be years from now, if at all! But the team here at blu just has a way of making you feel re-invigorated, and while I was on the sidelines, I did a lot of watching and talking to people. I found that while I was away, the company had continued to grow dramatically in terms of resources and people and staff; that really made it easier to come back and work on the business instead of in it.

Q:What makes being part of blu special?

There’s a constant strive for improvement. blu just has this insatiable urge—both the company as a whole and the people who work here—to be better and constantly improve on what they do. There’s never any settling. There’s an incredible hunger to do more, faster, better … so that’s what makes it exciting for me. There’s so much innovation to come, and there’s so much room in the space for growth and technology. And for me, as a user of the product and a customer of the product, it’s exciting because we want to accelerate the user experience, make it better, and give consumers what they want and need out of the product.

Q:What does being part of the blu Nation™ mean to you?

It’s a strong sense of belonging between the company, the people who work here and the consumer. We’re always trying to enhance our connection with the consumer, no matter what else is going on around us—including our acquisition and subsequent growth with Lorillard. We’re on a path to building the blu Nation, every single day.

Q:What's your favorite blu memory?

I don’t know that I have a favorite memory; it’s all part of one. I guess one day when I sit back and look at it, it’s going to be the journey that we’ve been on as a whole—and the journey that we’re still going through—that will really stick out.

Q:Since you’re a customer, too, what is your favorite blu tip or trick?

My blu tip would be to take a long, consistent, soft drag to get the most vapor out of the e-cig. The harder you drag or the faster you drag, the colder the heating element gets, and it doesn’t vaporize the liquid as well. So for me, a long, slow, consistent drag gives the best behavior and vapor out of the e-cig.

Q:What's your favorite blu™ flavor?

I’ve got two: Peach Schnapps and Cherry Crush. They’re the ones with the best throat hit, but it’s also just the flavors themselves—they’re so different for a smoker of traditional cigarettes. To get a cool flavor out of something you smoke is phenomenal.