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20140226_BLUCIG_ROOFTOP_0412-350x350Several cities and states are trying to limit or ban electronic cigarette use—even indoors. The purpose of blu Roots is to help you fight for your freedom to smoke e-cigs, to keep vapers informed of these bans, and to mobilize people to speak out and make a difference. On this page, you’ll find a host of resources for joining the fight and making your voice heard.

What you can do about it

Want to protest vaping bans? Make sure you do it the right way. Besides supporting blu events like Freedom Friday, you can take actions like reaching out to your local state representative, joining the conversation on social media or even recording a video to share. Or all of the above.

blu can help you get started. Get empowered and learn about the best methods for writing to your representative.

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Takin' It to the Streets

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5 Protest Pro Tips

TIP 1: Peaceful protest has long been a staple of political influencers—but the key word here is “peaceful.” Take a note from the pages of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Nothing provides your opposition with more ammunition than being able to paint your side as unruly.

TIP 2: The first order of business is to understand the rules of engagement. Make sure you’re within your legal rights to stage a protest, and contact local government offices to determine if a permit is needed.

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Rave Reviews

I’ve tried the other e-cig brands and decided to try blu. blu is so much better than the other brands. I like the fact that it has its own pack to store the cartridges and that there is an extra battery. You don’t have to wait for the battery to recharge like you do for the other brands. The flavors are fantastic. Can’t wait to try the peach, if I can purchase it from a local store. Thank you blu for such a great invention.

- blucigman

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blu’s Founder, Jason Healy, on the Anti-Electronic Cigarette Agenda

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Let’s set a few things straight, right from the start:

  • Non-smokers dislike tobacco cigarettes, because who would want to go to a bar and come out smelling like other people’s cigarette smoke? I—a smoker—can understand that.
  • Many smokers themselves don’t even want to smell like cigarette smoke. Smoke on the breath, in the hair, on the clothes—there are smokers out there who don’t want to deal with that, either.
  • More smokers are tired of the other hassles associated with tobacco cigarettes: flicking messy ashes, being banished to the cold every half hour, fumbling around for a lighter and polluting with cigarette butts.

Ready for the best part? E-cigarettes solve every one of the aforementioned problems.

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