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Office Culture: Plus Your Day

Make that grind easier on your mind

It’s Monday morning. You’ve been at work for what feels like hours, and you’re positive it’s 15 minutes until lunchtime. Only the clock says 10:09. No sweat. Today will be the Best Workday Ever. Here are 10 ways to do it:

Take a Hike
Grab your running shoes and clear your head. You’ll be pumped and ready to tackle the second half of the day when you return.

The Pep Talk
Give yourself a pep talk so convincing, you’ll make LeBron change teams once again to work with you.

Get a Playlist Going, Stat
Create a playlist and rock out while you’re working. Then, switch to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” when it’s time to delegate that other project.

Hammer Time
You don’t have to be an expert dancer to pull this one off (have you seen Ellen DeGeneres?). All you have to do is like to move it, move it and have fun.

Spice up Lunch
Don’t get your usual chicken dish. Be brave. Try the spicy ahi tuna.

Make a To-Do List with Perks
When you complete a task, celebrate! The fist-pump is always recommended.

Sir Laugh a Lot
You like funny jokes, and you cannot lie. Some coworkers can’t deny. Have coworkers jot down jokes to put in a jar. When you need a pick-me-up, pull one out. Hey, if the joke doesn’t make you laugh with them, there’s always the option of laughing at them.

Schedule a Lunchtime Happy Hour
Don’t start mixing martinis just yet. This Happy Hour is employer approved. Schedule a quick lunchtime massage or treat yourself to your favorite dessert.

Write It Out
Though you’d love to give the Lex Luthor of your job a piece of your mind, it’s probably not a good idea—especially if Lex is your boss. Instead, write it down in a notebook. Just remember to keep it in your desk drawer (the one with the lock on it).

Just Be Thankful
Find things to be thankful for at work. The fact that you’re employed is a good starting point. If you’re stumped after that, you can always revisit #9.

Brie Wright is a mother of twins and editor in Charlotte, NC. When she’s not doing the aforementioned, she’s usually hiding out at a sushi bar or a spa. Follow her on Twitter @ItsBrieW.


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