blu Cartridges: The Key to the Experience

img-cartridge-tech-diagramIt’s all in the cartridge. Each of our electronic cigarette cartridges has a built-in vaporizer to ensure maximum vapor production, and you can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, flavors and strengths.

  • Designed for great taste and rich vapor production
  • 7 delicious flavors to keep things interesting
  • Smoke juice made in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported ingredients
  • Superior quality and flavor

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blu Cartridge Flavors

Which flavor of blu is right for you? Browse our selection of delicious options and discover a taste that fits.

Shop Classic Tobacco

Classic Tobacco

For those who love the taste of rich, full-flavored tobacco, Classic has you covered. It’s the electric cigarette flavor cartridge of choice for many.

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Shop Magnificent Menthol

Magnificent Menthol

Cool. Refreshing. Striking, yet subdued. Our Magnificent Menthol flavor cartridges deliver an aromatic, sub-zero surge of icy-cold tranquility.

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Shop Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush

Let Cherry Crush spark your senses with a dazzling trio of classic cherry flavors. Cherry Crush is the e-cigarette flavor that cherries aspire to be a part of.

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Shop Vivid Vanilla

Vivid Vanilla

The Vivid Vanilla e-cigarette flavor cartridge combines the complex floral aroma of Tahitian Vanilla with the rich, velvety flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

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Shop Piña Colada

Piña Colada

With every puff of Piña Colada, you’ll brave a wave of pineapple and silky-smooth coconut-milk flavoring that’s pure paradise.

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Shop Peach Schnapps

Peach Schnapps

Each delicious puff packs a peach punch that’s sure to satisfy. Give in to the temptation and sink your teeth into one of these e-cigarette flavor cartridges.

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Shop Java Jolt

Java Jolt

With a warm, inviting aroma and an unmistakable coffee-bean taste, Java Jolt e-cig flavors evoke the laidback rhythm of coffeehouse culture.

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Besides rich flavors, blu cartridges come in different sizes, colors and strengths.

Rave Reviews

I did a lot of research prior to purchasing the Premium100 kit, and I must say I am pleased with everything so far. I was concerned with the issue of cartridges being dry upon initial use, but so far I have had no problems with anything purchased. I sampled multiple other disposable products and oils and blu has by far the most professional and balanced-looking unit. The vapor is more than expected and the flavors have caught my attention and liking so far. I would like to thank those in Customer Service for a job well done every time I’ve contacted them. I am a strong advocate for blu so far.

- Guido

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How long does it take to recharge a pack?

The blu Original and Premium packs will take approximately 2–2.5 hours to fully recharge. blu Premium100 packs will take approximately...

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