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blu PLUS+ kit

blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit

Already a classic, our most innovative and satisfying kit yet.

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blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit

Same blu PLUS+ satisfaction but no pack.

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blu Premium100 Rechargeable Kit

Our largest pack with social features.

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blu Tanks™

blu Tanks give more vapor, more flavor, and a better draw.

Carolina Bold Tank (Limited Release)

Carolina Bold (Limited Release) blu Tank

Introducing our boldest tobacco flavor yet. We made Carolina Bold especially for smokers who want an e-cigarette with full-flavored, authentic tobacco taste. But there’s absolutely no ash or tobacco smoke … only vapor. With Carolina Bold you get the strong, traditional tobacco flavor you’ve been seeking. Now you can have an intense tobacco experience with the perfect marriage of robust flavor—all in an e-cigarette.

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Classic Tobacco Tank

Classic Tobacco blu Tank

Since we opened up shop, Classic Tobacco has been our most popular flavor. Now, it just got better. With our improved e-juice formula, Classic Tobacco gives you a fantastic, mild and real tobacco flavor—a great alternative for adult smokers looking for that true tobacco taste.

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Magnificent Menthol Tank

Menthol blu Tank

Magnificent Menthol got an upgrade. The cool undertones of peppermint and spearmint added to the mix give you a terrific flavor, which is combined with all the features and satisfaction of the blu Tanks™.

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Cherry Crush Tank

Cherry Crush blu Tank

In keeping with tailoring the smoke juice to the new blu PLUS+™ system, we made some changes to Cherry Crush to maximize the satisfaction and give it more consistent cherry flavor from start to finish. We think you’ll be pleased. The big, bold, tangy flavor is sure to keep Cherry Crush a fan favorite.

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Vivid Vanilla Tank

Vanilla blu Tank

Vivid Vanilla saw a two-pronged overhaul in taste and throat hit. It’s not too strong, not too sweet. You’ll find it to be just right—a perfect blend of smooth, creamy vanilla flavor. And, you’ll get a noticeable improvement in throat hit over our previous version.

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Peach Schnapps Tank


Peach Schnapps gives you all the sweet flavor you’ve gotten used to, but with the blu Tank™, there’s a noticeable improvement. Each puff packs more vapor with an even tastier blend of sweet peaches and spicy flavors. No, there’s no alcohol in our Peach Schnapps. But you’ll be satisfied anyway …

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Piña Colada Tank


blu Piña Colada has the perfect blend of pineapple, coconut and tropical flavors just like the famous drink. To make it perform even better we made some changes so you get richer taste, more vapor and a double dose of satisfaction thanks to the blu Tank™ system.

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Several options, each with a distinct flavor to match your distinct personality.
Discover the one that’s right for you.

Classic Tobacco

Classic Tobacco Flavor Cartridge

For those who love the taste of rich, full-flavored tobacco, Classic has you covered. It’s the electronic cigarette flavor cartridge of choice for many.

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Magnificent Menthol

Menthol Flavor Cartridge

Cool. Refreshing. Striking, yet subdued. Our Magnificent Menthol e-cig flavor cartridges deliver an aromatic, sub-zero surge of icy-cold tranquility.

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Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush Flavor Cartridge

Let Cherry Crush spark your senses with a dazzling trio of classic cherry flavors. Cherry Crush is the e-cig flavor that cherries aspire to be a part of.

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Vivid Vanilla

Vivid Vanilla Flavor Cartridge

The Vivid Vanilla e-cigarette flavor cartridge combines the complex floral aroma of Tahitian Vanilla with the rich, velvety flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

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Piña Colada

Pina Colada Flavor Cartridge

With every puff of Piña Colada, you’ll brave a wave of pineapple and silky-smooth coconut-milk flavoring that’s pure paradise.

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Peach Schnapps

Peach Schnapps Flavor Cartridge

Each delicious puff packs a peach punch that’s sure to satisfy. Give in to the temptation and sink your teeth into one of these e-cig flavor cartridges.

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Good for around 400 puffs, blu™ disposable electronic cigarettes make the perfect travel companion. Simply use and discard when done. Learn all about disposables.

Flavors: Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol and Classic Tobacco


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blu® Disposables


A Great Way to Try e-Cigs

Available in Magnificent Menthol, Classic Tobacco and Cherry Crush, blu disposables e-cigs help you take back your freedom.


Simple One-Piece Construction

Assembled and ready to go, right out of the box

Lasts Even Longer

Each disposable is equal to approx. 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes

Stronger Battery

Gives more vapor per puff and a stronger throat hit

We redesigned the blu disposable to give you even more of what you want. With improved taste formulations across the entire line of disposables, you’re going to love what we’ve done.

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