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How Rude!

Our Top 10 most aggravating cell users

July2014-Cell-Phone-Courtesy-800x440July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and while it hasn’t really reminded anyone to be more polite, it does bring to mind all the things people do on their phones that drive us crazy. We’re calling out 10 of the rudest phone users we all see every day:

The Clinger
This person expects you to always have your phone with you. In a hot tub? On a treadmill? Deep-sea diving? It doesn’t matter—this person still thinks you should immediately respond to his texts.

The Trendsetter
This person always has the newest phones, apps and gadgets, and she expects you to keep up. You just know she’s judging your year-old phone while she talks into her watch.

The Multitasker
This person can’t hang up the phone long enough to order a Big Mac. “I want the number 1 … no, no, not that … yes, you … no, not you.” Who is he talking to? Because the poor guy behind the counter sure as hell doesn’t know.

The Chatty Driver
This person is too busy talking on the phone—or worse, texting—to pay attention to the road … or what lane her car’s in.

The Loud Talker
This person talks so loudly that you have no choice but to hear every word of his extensive personal issues. That’s the whole point of a phone: so you don’t have to yell.

The Socialite
This person is never alone. She always has her 50 closest friends with her and would rather text them than talk to the person who’s sitting at the same table with her.

The Insomniac
This person has no sense of time propriety. He sends 50-line texts at 4 a.m. and freaks out when you don’t respond until 10. But who needs sleep, right?

The Stasher
This person will stash her phone anywhere. Literally. Bra, waistband, boots, hat … it’s hard to have a conversation when she’s reaching into her bra to pull her phone out.

The Secret Agent
This person never actually talks into his phone. He uses his earphones or a hands-free device, and he tricks you every time. You think he’s just listening to music, but then he starts to talk. Who is he talking to? You? The aliens?

The Toilet Talker
This person talks on the phone in the bathroom. Enough said.


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