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blu eCigs founder Jason Healy talks about the future of the e-cig industry.

Q:blucigs.com: There are many e-cig brands in the U.S. today. What do you think will determine the winners in this market?

Jason Healy: Well, I think regulations will play a part in that. As we see the FDA regulations start to form, certainly when you’re looking at manufacturing practices and studies and so on that are required, they’re quite expensive and it’s an expensive process. So that will itself weed out the products or brands that can’t afford to go through that chain of command. And then I think you’ll see, as these products mature, the market in terms of the consumers will have an effect on which survive and which don’t, simply by voting with their wallets.

Q:So what sets blu™ electronic cigarettes apart from your competition?

blu is one of the first and one of the only real brands in the industry. And it’s very much a consumer-focused product, and that’s been able to carry through and lead our success since 2009. We also take a different approach in the way the product looks; it doesn’t look like a cigarette, it looks like a blu eCigs® electronic cigarette. So I think we’re well-positioned to be competitive in the market moving forward and through regulations.

Q:So what is the future for the e-cig market and for blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes?

I think there are two main areas. Regulations are one, obviously. But the second area revolves around the fact that this is a product based on technology, and as we’ve seen with cell phones and cars, as we develop the technology further, technology gets better and smaller, and these products will evolve dramatically. And so I think from that perspective, we’ll see huge growth and advancement in the product so that it will be better and more suited to the adult smoker than even a tobacco cigarette.

Q:Do you see more traditional tobacco companies going the e-cig route?

Well, we’ve already seen the big three in America move into the e-cig market, and I think that speaks volumes. There’ve been many efforts to curtail their product—advertising bans, indoor bans—but they’ve stayed the course. Now all of a sudden here come e-cigs and, in the space of three or four years it has gotten them to move off their tobacco train and consider other products. I think that speaks volumes.