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blu: A Simple Decision


blu: A Simple Decision

The vaping world has lots of choices. From mods to cigalikes, vapers are sometimes overwhelmed as to what they should use to get their vapor satisfaction. For your money, you couldn’t do much better than to have a blu® electronic cigarette on hand (including an extra battery and some flavor cartridges).

blu eCigs® products are easy to use and portable, and our rechargeable packs are no bigger than your average smartphone. Want to change to another flavor? With a blu rechargeable, it couldn’t be easier. Put in a fresh Classic Tobacco flavor cartridge. Replace it with a Cherry Crush. Replace that with Peach Schnapps. All of this can be done easily on the fly. With our self-contained flavor cartridges, there are no spills to worry about.

Speaking of smoke juice, we generally see two schools of thought on the Interwebs, as far as ingredients go. Either the maker would rather avoid the topic altogether, or they’d prefer to tell you they use “top-quality” ingredients and then avoid saying exactly what these “top-quality” ingredients are. At blu, our smoke juice ingredients are listed right on the package.

So … all that being said … which way will you go? Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing. Are you game to try the most portable, easy-to-use, all-in-one vaping solution on the market? Browse our store and see what you think.

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