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Freedom Friday with Jason Healy


Freedom Friday with Jason Healy

Let’s set a few things straight, right from the start:

  • Non-smokers dislike tobacco cigarettes, because who would want to go to a bar and come out smelling like other people’s cigarette smoke? I—a smoker—can understand that.
  • Many smokers themselves don’t even want to smell like cigarette smoke. Smoke on the breath, in the hair, on the clothes—there are smokers out there who don’t want to deal with that, either.
  • More smokers are tired of the other hassles associated with tobacco cigarettes: flicking messy ashes, being banished to the cold every half hour, fumbling around for a lighter and polluting with cigarette butts.

Ready for the best part? E-cigarettes solve every one of the aforementioned problems.

Your Freedom to Vape Is Under Attack

Major cities across the country are beginning to ban the public use of e-cigarettes. Even though the FDA has already said it will regulate e-cigarettes in the very near future (a move I and the team at blu totally support), a handful of local governments is taking legislative action to restrict e-cigarette use without any real scientific evidence to support their actions.

What the various bans in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have in common is that they’re based on opinions, not facts. These bans are based on politics, not science. And what’s most controversial about them is that they are, at best, knee-jerk reactions to misinformation. At worst, the bans are the result of powerful entities that don’t want to see people make the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

True blu: An Alternative for Adult Smokers

I started blu to create a better alternative for my fellow smokers, and to help transition smoking from tobacco to technology. I wanted to give smokers a simple solution, and most importantly, I wanted to give smokers freedom—the ability to smoke whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted, and without offending those around them with cigarette smoke.

At blu, we market only to adult smokers. Period. We’re not encouraging minors to start using e-cigarettes. Nor are we recruiting non-smokers to start using e-cigarettes. What we are doing is giving adult cigarette smokers a better choice.

But if you tune into most media stories about e-cigarettes, you’ll likely be led to think otherwise. I believe that a majority of the reporting surrounding e-cigs up to this point has been one-sided. What’s worse, though, is that these reports are also often riddled with inaccuracies: “e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, so they must be dangerous”; “there have been no scientific studies on electronic cigarettes”; “e-cigarettes are gateway devices to smoking tobacco.”

Fight for Your Right to Vape

In the midst of all this misinformation, vapers like you have to do a better job in educating themselves (and each other) about e-cigarettes. You should also encourage your local representatives to do some research on e-cigs before rushing to regulate a product they likely don’t fully understand.

Now is the time to join together to fight back and protect our freedom to vape. With the public use of e-cigarettes already banned in cities like New York, L.A. and Chicago, your town could be next unless you step up and make your voice heard. Arm yourself with accurate information, reach out to your local representatives and tell them:

  • You oppose banning the use of e-cigarettes in indoor and outdoor locations.
  • E-cigs are different from traditional cigarettes—they produce no tobacco smoke, no ash and no odor.
  • E-cigs are a welcome alternative to cigarettes.
  • Restricting the use of e-cigs would discourage adult smokers from switching to e-cigs.
  • Your reason for choosing e-cigs.

Let’s do this! More later …

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