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I Have a New Crush


I Have a New Crush

I’m a blu vaper. I use the disposables and the rechargeable kits, and I’ve hit each flavor in the lineup at least once or twice. Classic Tobacco, Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush rank at the top of my list. So you can imagine my excitement when I managed to snag an advance model of the new blu eCigs® Cherry Crush Disposable.

That’s right; what was once a flavor only available in cartridges for the rechargeable kits is coming soon as a convenient, vape-and-recycle disposable. I know you’re mad-jealous that I got to try it first. Honestly, I’m kinda jealous of myself. My initial impressions:

The Unboxing
No, I’m not posting a video on YouTube. This will be the world’s first TUE (Textual Unboxing Experience), and I’m happy you’re one of the lucky few to be part of it. Thank you, and you’re welcome. When I pulled the e-cig from its box, I noticed the package was easier to open, and that there was no tiny leaf sticker to remove. This worked out perfectly for me because I’m lazy. And because I wanted some of that super-cherry deliciousness ASAP. (But mainly because I’m lazy.)

Here Comes the Dragon
I’ve never had any problem getting a more-than-satisfying amount of vapor from a blu® product … but my first draw revealed that this was some next-level biz. I could tell right away that there was more vapor being delivered right to my face. I took a long, slow pull off the e-cig and exhaled a cloud of vapor that made my office look like the spooky woods in a horror movie. After making sure no werewolves were present, I took another drag and savored the flavor.

Earth-Shakin’ Flavor-Makin’
I already mentioned that I’m a fan of Cherry Crush, and this disposable launched my fandom into a minor obsession. This e-cig provides an absolutely better, bolder and stronger cherry flavor. Actual cherries are jealous. It’s like that boulder scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, except instead of Indiana Jones being chased by a giant rock, it’s me being bowled over by a giant cherry. And I’m not running away. And I’m not wearing a fedora. And I’m not named after a state (unless there’s a state named Danny that I’m not aware of).

I See the Light
I also noticed that the previously textured appearance of the blue tip had given way to a new, smooth look. It’s a small detail, but when it lit up to show that the unit was working and providing vapor, I could see it much more clearly while I was puffing. Ah, if only I could get feedback this crystal-clear in the rest of my life—like at my job or at the airport or from my many, many ex-wives. And speaking of “many,” I’ve taken many puffs, and the Cherry Crush Disposable even seems to be lasting longer than previous disposable models.

All in all, it’s a pretty damn impressive improvement on what was already great. Cherr Crush disposables are now available for purchase at retail stores, and in the blu eCigs online store.

Danny Ammons is a Senior Editor at Pace Communications. He is a fan of the outdoors, a rabid opponent of flip-flops and a writer of (sometimes coherent) words.

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