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Make Your Voice Heard


Make Your Voice Heard

Heard about a vaping ban in your city or state, but not sure how to fight back? Speaking out is easy, but use these smart tips to ensure local officials and legislators pay attention to what you have to say.

Know Your Representatives

Most everyone in America is represented by elected city and county officials, and state senators and state representatives. These individuals will vote on your freedom to vape, so get to know them and where they stand on e-cigarettes.

  • Registered to vote? Great! Voter registration cards show local and state districts based on your address. Call your county Board of Elections or visit their website to match your district and lawmaker. You’ll often find links to each lawmaker’s official website, or ask your Board of Elections for contact information.
  • Not registered to vote? Don’t waste any more time—register now! Lawmakers take registered voters seriously because they know you will be casting a ballot for or against them come the next Election Day.
  • Find your representative.

Making Contact

Every lawmaker has snail mail, email and a phone number, so use these first. If your lawmaker is social media savvy, use these channels, too. And remember, the more channels you use, the more your message will get noticed.

How to Say It

  • Always be polite and respectful. Typed letters, email or phone messages are more formal, so address your lawmaker by their title: “Dear Councilman (add last name),” Commissioner, Senator or Representative.
  • Skip the titles on social media, but post or tweet respectfully.
  • Get to the point and keep it brief. No one wants to read or listen to a lengthy rant. Simply say why you’re contacting them and what you want them to do as your representative. Mention specific legislation or ordinances if possible.
  • It’s easy to get tongue-tied on voice mail, so write out what you want to say before you call and then read it.
  • Always end your communication with a sincere “thank you.”

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