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Stand Up to Your State


Stand Up to Your State

Want to protest potential vaping bans? Do it the right way.

“It’s a very sinister approach to a very sinister product.”
—Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell

That quote can’t be referencing e-cigs. No way. It can’t be … right? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Los Angeles city councilman Mitch O’Farrell is talking about, and it was said just last month in the context of an action to regulate the use of e-smoking devices (it passed unanimously). Yes, blu Nation—LA is talking to you. And it’s not just the City of Angels that wants to take away your freedom to vape in public spaces; it’s New York City and Chicago, too.

For a city like LA—the pulse point of cool, the epicenter of personal freedom and a place so full of dreams they nicknamed it Lalaland—to consider taking formal action to regulate e-cigs is more shocking than the latest Kardashian escapade.

Here’s a recap of what’s gone down so far: Back in December, the council considered an ordinance limiting the sales of e-cigs and other vaping devices. Not only did it pass, but no one spoke publicly against it. To pour a little salt in the wound, the council took it one step further and also voted to draw up a second ordinance that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes in all places that tobacco use is banned, including restaurants, public parks, playgrounds, beaches, schools, daycare centers and libraries.

That brings us to now. There are cities and states all across the nation considering similar bans, and it’s up to us to take a stand. Let’s start with LA. The ban is already under deliberation, so it’s now or never.

Reach out to an LA city council representative and tell them:

  • You oppose banning the use of e-cigarettes in indoor and outdoor locations.
  • E-cigs are different from traditional cigarettes—they produce no tobacco smoke, no ash and no odor.
  • E-cigs are a welcome alternative to cigarettes.
  • Restricting the use of e-cigs would discourage adult smokers from switching to e-cigs.
  • Your reason for choosing e-cigs.

You don’t have to call LA home to make your voice heard. Use #ecigfreedom on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to join the conversation right now. Looking to make more of an impact? Record a short video (just one to two minutes) on your smartphone, webcam or video camera where you talk directly to the camera as if you are addressing lawmakers. Tell them why you oppose e-cig bans and why you use blu. Then share your testimonial on social media using the #ecigfreedom hashtag. Take a minute to upload the video to and submit it to the blu team at (don’t worry, that part’s free, too).

Let’s take back our freedom, one city at a time.

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