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A Fan’s Song About blu eCigs!


A Fan’s Song About blu eCigs!

Super-fan Justin “Pompy” Pompey created this catchy, cool song about blu eCigs. It’s nice enough to get a good review or social shout-out, so this ultra-creative and polished piece of work is a monster compliment—and we’re very flattered.

It’s too tough to pick a favorite line out of Justin’s flow, but we can still hear him rappin’ these words: “No smoking at the bar / my cigarettes are in the car … saw me smokin’ blue tips / what’s that? blu cigs.” And of course we can’t help but love this: “ check the Internet / the world’s best electronic cigarette.”

We already think Justin’s a smart guy for vaping blu eCigs—and now we know he’s insanely talented, too. Thanks, Justin, for being an artist and showing your love for blu.

Watch the video, then join blu Nation in taking back your freedom with creativity and style.


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