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blu Rocked the Governor’s Ball


blu Rocked the Governor’s Ball

blu-rocked-govenor-ball-800x440Torrential downpours, whipping winds and tons of mud couldn’t dampen spirits or stop the party at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York City. Despite some challenging conditions, festivalgoers made the best of it and had an awesome time dancing in the rain.

Kanye West, Guns N’ Roses, Nas, Grizzly Bear, the XX, Feist, the Lumineers, Erykah Badu, Bloc Party, Of Monsters and Men, and so many more acts played great sets and put on amazing shows. The eclectic blend of bands made for an unforgettable weekend.

blu eCigs was stoked to be at the three-day festival, and hosted the blu eCigs Vapor Lounge, which provided shelter from the storms and the chance to recharge phones and devices. Festivalgoers appreciated the air conditioning, but, most of all, they loved the opportunity to try a free blu eCigs® electronic cigarette. Given a choice of Classic Tobacco or Magnificent Menthol flavors, adult festivalgoers had fun sampling and picking their favorite.

The Vapor Lounge also featured an animated social media booth, and some special guests made surprise appearances. Fans were excited at the unexpected chance to meet some of the musicians who were performing, including Dillon Francis.

At the end of the festival, many people weren’t able to locate their shoes—but everyone was able to take home memories of a totally unique weekend—as well as an awesome blu® e-cig, courtesy of blu.

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