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Cory Enemy at HARD Summer


Cory Enemy at HARD Summer

One of the most creative minds in today’s EDM (electronic dance music) scene, Cory Enemy started producing music at age 15. Since then, he’s collaborated with multi-platinum artists and worked his musical mojo on three Grammy-nominated albums.

We hit up the HARD Summer Music Festival in LA and caught up with Cory in the blu eCigs Vapor Lounge. He talked about how technology and the information age are evolving music and giving artists more freedom to produce what they want—and fusing different sub-genres in mind-blowing ways. While all the constant, fast-paced change and emotionally invigorating music help fuel a state of permanent overdrive, Cory says he finds the most clarity and inspiration when he’s able to “zen out.” Turns out technology is changing the way we unwind, too.

Watch the video, then join blu Nation and music lovers everywhere in embracing new ways to relax, express yourself and be free.


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