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How to Gain blu Nation™ Rewards Points


How to Gain blu Nation™ Rewards Points

So if you’ve made it this far, chances are you like blu eCigs® products enough to understand the blu lifestyle (the blu Nation, as we call it) and are spirited enough to pursue freedom on your own terms. Well, then, we think you deserve to be rewarded for your attitude and independence. They say the best things in life are free. We agree. Here are some tips toward gaining points to boost your blu cred and acquire cool goodies.

1) If you haven’t created an account yet, you must get on board! Register for your own account and log in each time you visit Good things are about to happen. Just by joining the team, you’ve earned points.

2) Once you have an account, you can accumulate rewards points redeemable for sweet merch like T-shirts, USB drives, whiskey sets and even entries to one of our sweepstakes. You can track your point totals on the Rewards page and see how you’re lightin’ up the scoreboard.

3) To keep the points flowing, head on over to the Rewards page frequently and click on the Activities tab to find all the ways to earn. On there, you’ll see links to view blu photos (5 points) or watch the Video of the Week (50 points). If you wanna go all-out (and why not?), connect with us via social media on Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (100 points) for a triple-digit score. Even visiting the site earns you 5 points.

You can’t spell “freedom” without “free,” so naturally, we’re fans of hooking you up.

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