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The First Annual blu Freedom Awards!


The First Annual blu Freedom Awards!

The Envelope, Please: The First Annual blu Freedom Awards!

As the e-limos circle the e-block waiting to access the red e-carpet, celebrities wait in breathless anticipation. Yep, the stars will be clamoring to see if they’ll be one of the lucky ones … if they’ll rise triumphant over their show-business peers … if they’ll take home the coveted Vapey. It’s the highest honor one can attain at the blu Freedom Awards—so now, without further ado, your 2014 Vapey winners!

Best Use of blu on a Talk Show

Will Arnett on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Kimmel jokes about how “insanely ridiculous” vaping will look in eight years—and then promptly asks to try Arnett’s blu for himself, finally saying, “I think I might start.”

Best Celeb blu Vaping Technique

Andrew Dice Clay for his classic behind-the-head drag at the premier of Blue Jasmine. The Dice Man vapeth.



Best Use of blu at an Awards Show

Julia Louis Dreyfus at the 2014 Golden Globes. (*Extra points awarded for simultaneously vaping and refusing to take a selfie with Reese Witherspoon. Top-notch multitasking is always appreciated.)

Best Brownie-Related blu Parody

Noah Wyle for the “blu-nies” parody. “blu-nies allows me to enjoy my treats without affecting the people around me, because it’s made entirely of vapor, not brownie mix. That means no crumbs, and best of all—no offensive brownie smell.” Ha!

Best blu Use in a Music Video (by an Artist Who’s Had Multiple Animal Names)

Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) in the “Sitting By the Water” video, part of his Doggisode series of videos. Though the video is number 17 in the series, it’s No. 1 in our hearts (and in the hearts of all of those who love vaping, hot tubs and bikinis).

Best blu Vaping on a Film Set

Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Django Unchained. Photogs caught Leo getting in a quick vape on the studio lot while working on Quentin Tarantino’s antebellum action flick. It’s an intense movie; we’re sure he needed a moment.

Best blu Vaping by a Former Intergalactic Princess

Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) on “Today.” Though she appeared without her classic Star Wars braid buns, we think her blu makes an awesome stand-in light saber.

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