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An Encore Worth Listening To


An Encore Worth Listening To

Those of us in the northern U.S. are eagerly awaiting summer, the season of pool parties and late-evening sun. Wynn Las Vegas knows that waiting’s no fun, and they’ve put the EDM scene on notice—pool parties are in season early this year.

Wynn’s Encore Beach Club has already started, and they’ve got huge names like Avicii, Lil Jon, David Guetta and Redfoo signed up. Sound like fun? You bet. That’s why blu™ will be sponsoring the party all summer long. But let’s be reasonable, here. Unless you clean the casinos’ coffers every night (which you don’t), you’re not going to be living it up in Vegas four nights a week. Here are five DJs to target.

1. Lil Jon
Let’s be honest here: If you watched MTV or “Chappelle’s Show” in the mid 2000s, you’ll be infinitely entertained and engrossed by a Lil Jon performance. The simple pleasure of hearing him yell “WHAT?!” live and in the flesh is 100 percent worth the price of admission. If the video for “Turn Down for What” is any indication, get ready for some of the freakiest dancing you’ll ever see.

2. Zedd
Zedd’s music is tailor-made to inspire a Night At The Roxbury–style involuntary head-nod when it’s on the radio. Unlike many other popular EDM producers, Zedd is a classically trained musician. The “Stay The Night” music video features him convincingly playing a piano. It’s a refreshing change from Avicii, who has proclaimed with too much pride that he got into producing because he couldn’t play an instrument. One point for Zedd.

3. Deorro
LA’s own Deorro makes dirty electro hip-shakers with a strong Dutch influence. If you’re looking to see the best dancing in Vegas, definitely check out Deorro’s dates. His dance-floor concoctions are the ideal tonic for those who want to pop it like no one’s watching.

4. Major Lazer
Major Lazer is as close as EDM gets to world music. Specifically, world music of the booty-poppin’ variety. Collaborators Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire represent the 2010s version of Anglo-American cooperation, scouring the Caribbean and Latin America for musical styles to imperialize. Their music is thumping, filthy and sexy. Respected statisticians estimate that 35 percent of Major Lazer concert attendees get it on during the show (statistics entirely made up).

5. Martin Solveig
Remember when you couldn’t leave your house without hearing the phrase, “I just came to say hello”? That was Martin Solveig’s fault. He gets the nod here because of his absolutely infectious desire to have a good time. Watch his music videos. In “Hello,” he somehow manages to play tennis against Bob Sinclar (who proves himself a formidable player) before Novak Djokovic and Gaël Monfils show up. A couple years late on this, but hilarious nonetheless.

This post is written by Michael Nissenbaum, a lawyer by day (and night), and a writer by night (and day). 


Photography courtesy of Wynn’s Encore Beach Club

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