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The BUKU Music + Art Project Live Gallery


The BUKU Music + Art Project Live Gallery

See how aerosol artists expressed themselves on the New Orleans 2014 Live Gallery at the BUKU Music +Art Project in New Orleans.

Street artists come out of the woodwork at BUKU, trading the alleyway for the Live Gallery, a towering wall visible from the Mississippi River. Performance stages situated against industrial backdrops, including a run-down power plant and a Mardi Gras float–manufacturing warehouse, create a unique New Orleans vibe.

With enough culture to canvas the town, New Orleans is a hub for freedom of expression. We had the chance to watch some of these artists at work and to talk with them about what inspires them and their love for street art.

Watch our blu Nation™ video for an up-close look at the making of the 2014 Live Gallery and the artists behind it.

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